Kōrero Tūāpapa | Background

The Te Arawa Partnership is an initiative that strengthens the relationship, collaboration and involvement of Te Arawa with the Rotorua Lakes Council. The partnership followed significant consultation amongst Te Arawa and the wider Rotorua Community and the Te Arawa Partnership Model was adopted by Council on 26 May 2015.

On 18 December 2015 a Partnership Agreement was signed between Rotorua Lakes Council
and Te Tatau o Te Arawa – the new trust established as the Te Arawa partner to Council.
Key features of the partnership included:

  • establishing the Te Tatau o Te Arawa board to represent the collective views of Te Arawa with Council
  • appointment of two Te Tatau o Te Arawa representatives to two committees of Rotorua
  • Lakes Council – Strategy, Policy & Finance, and, Operations & Monitoring
  • appointment of one Te Tatau o Te Arawa representative to the RMA Policy committee
  • appointment of an Executive Officer to manage the operations of the board
  • Funding of $250,000 annually from Rotorua Lakes Council for the operations of the board

​The objectives of the partnership are to:

  • Strengthen Te Arawa’s participation in Rotorua Lakes Council decision making
  • Enable strategic and integrated development
  • Identify opportunities to work together for the betterment of Rotorua
  • Build Te Arawa’s capacity and capability to participate in Rotorua Lakes Council processes
  • Improve communication, kōrero and information sharing
  • Improve Rotorua Lakes Council’s delivery of its obligations to Māori
  • Creating Greater Value for Rotorua through Partnership

The intention of the partnership is to create greater value for Rotorua Lakes Council, Te Arawa and the Rotorua community as illustrated below:

Ara kōwhiringa | Election milestones

Extra timeline details

 The results from the election will be counted and the preliminary results expected by 06 August 2022.

Recount period (Three days from date of results)

09 August 2022
Objection/ appeal period (21 days) 

27 August 2022
Te Tatau o Te Arawa AGM

09 September 222

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