Administration of 2022 Board Election

Te Tatau o Te Arawa has engaged Election Services Ltd as an independent contractor to facilitate the elections process. Election Services has considerable experience conducting elections in New Zealand, with clients including Māori Trust Boards as well as regional and local councils. Election Services has complete and final control over how the election is carried out, and is responsible for ensuring that the democratic process is conducted with the utmost integrity, security and fairness to all parties. 

Jude Pani and Dale Ofsoske
Jude Pani and Dale Ofsoske

Election Services has appointed Dale Ofsoske as the Returning Officer responsible for:

  • development and distribution of voting packs
  • establishment of the online voting portal
  • validation and counting of votes
  • resolving any appeals to the election process
  • responding to enquiries from voters or potential voters

Jude Pani, Executive Officer of Te Tatau o Te Arawa will oversee administrative support for
the election and will:

  • work with Te Arawa Lakes Trust and Election Services for access and queries related to the Te Arawa Lakes Trust register
  • promote and advertise calls for nominations and registrations
  • communicate the election process with Te Arawa whānui
  • vet candidates as per the set criteria