Te Arawa reaches a Māori Ward recommendation

Te Arawa uri (descendants) have reached a decision on whether Māori wards should be established in the Rotorua District thanks to a Māori Wards consultation led by Te Tatau o Te Arawa. Based on consultation and feedback from Te Arawa, Te Tatau o Te Arawa recommends that for the 2022-2025 triennium that the Rotorua Lakes Council:

  • Establish Māori wards and retains Te Tatau o Te Arawa; and
  • The representation review to follow, reflects the outcome of the establishment of Māori wards.

Based on the feedback, Te Tatau o Te Arawa has prepared a report for the Council entitled, Consideration of Māori Wards and Māori Representation for Rotorua District. The report includes the purpose of the paper, who was consulted and data from its consultation process.

If you would like to read the document you can click HERE.