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Te Tatau o Te Arawa and Rotorua Lakes Council signed a partnership agreement in December 2015. You can read the agreement by clicking on the button above.

Read more about our deed.

Te Tatau o Te Arawa delivered a presentation about what it does at Taheke Marae in April 2018. You can read the presentation by clicking on the tab above.

Click on the button above to read the 2019 Annual General Meeting report.

Click on the button above to read the 2020 AGM report.

Click on the button above to access the 2050 Te Arawa Vision document

Read the board’s submission on the Local Government (Rating of Māori Land) Amendment Bill submitted to Parliament’s Māori Affairs Select Committee in May 2020.

Click on the button above to see TToTA's submission to Rotorua Lakes Council on the 2022 Representation Review

Check out the 2021 Annual Report to support the AGM on 14 December 2021.

Te Tatau is supporting the Rotorua District Council (Representation Arrangements) Bill but has penned a submission (16/04/2022) offering a couple of key recommendations. Click on the button above to read it.

People flourishing across all measures of wellbeing is a priority of the Te Arawa 2050 Vision.
To help meet this priority, Te Tatau o Te Arawa, with AUT and the University of Canterbury as research partners, is producing a Te Arawa values-based model for housing created with the wellbeing of people, culture and the taiao at its core. The Mauri Ora Housing Development Wellbeing Compass is undergoing some tweaking to fit Te Arawa requirements. 

Check out page 10 of the Tatau Tatau magazine (December 2021) via the button below.

Check out the 2022 Annual Report. This year's AGM is set down for 09 September 2022 at GHA, 1108 Fenton Street Rotorua. 

Proceedings can be watched via the live-stream the Te Tatau o Te Arawa Facebook page at

Te Tatau partnership review recommendations with Rotorua Lakes Council that will be negotiated on behalf of Te Arawa Uri.

Te Arawa - Emergency Housing Response

A PDF presentation by a Te Arawa Working Party set up to report to Te Arawa whānui on its progress since its establishment in September 2022. Te Tatau o Te Arawa provided facilitation support to the Working Party. 

Te Tatau o Te Arawa submission on the RLC's draft 2023 Annual Plan.

This is a Te Arawa submission on the Draft Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices (Bilingual Signs) Amendment 2023 jointly made by Te Tatau o Te Arawa and Te Arawa Lakes Trust.